Same-Day Apostille & Authentications


We will pick the document(s) up from you, notarize them FREE OF CHARGE (if required), drive your documents to the Secretary of State (SOS) located in Los Angeles, obtain the Apostille/Authentication and pay the states fees ($26 per document), and then drop it back off to you within 24 hours!

If your document requires Embassy/Consular Legalization, this takes a few days depending on the specific Embassy/Consular turnaround times. 

Need your document translated to a different language? Please click the “Appointments & Quotes” button below, and provide us with details of what you need.

Apostille & Authentication is the process...

documents must undergo to be accepted in another country as authentic. During this process, the Notary’s credentials are verified so it’s important to use a reputable Notary. Once approved, the Secretary of State attaches a Certificate of Apostille, ensuring it’s validity.